This year, Museomix will take place simultaneously in 6 museums and 3 countries, during the November 8-9-10th weekend.

We started Museomix in 2011 using useful tools like Tumblr, WordPress, or Google Groups.

But we need tools that are more adapted to our open community, tools we create (and share).

Our resources are limited, and we can’t do it without you!

As the Museomix community is expanding at a crazy pace (1, 3, 5… 6 cities!) we need to create small glue tools, crazy automated scripts, clean dataviz, and also: fun web things!

The Museomix community is in particular seeking the help of:

A cool and astute web dev hacker, who love creating quick-and-clean 😉 web projects and tools.

Yes, you know Javascript. Maybe you love Ruby or Python (you entirely have the right to love Javascript, too!).

A fun project to get started

The first project that we’d love our hacker to build is a “I Museomix because…” poster generator, a small web site letting everyone in the Museomix community create a nice statement of why Museomix is important for her/him.

Some concepts by Samuel:

This poster generator will be used by the 400 participants for 2013 and the Museomix community at large.

It’s a fun way to introduce themselves and to spread the word about Museomix.

PS: open source all the way down, so fire up your GitHub account!

You will work directly with Julien Dorra (Tech community builder, @juliendorra), Samuel Bausson (Digital manager at Museum de Toulouse, @samuelbausson), Grandin Donovan (UX designer at Nealite and UX Paris co-founder, @grandin), Guillaume Granier (Museomix global coordinator, @contact_granier), and others like François and Camille in the web team, etc.

Don’t hesitate to ask them any question on Twitter. They are great people, and will help you connect with the whole Museomix community of museum innovators.

If you’d like to join the adventure, directly contact Julien on this page: (priority email)