Thank you for applying to be part of Museomix UK, making it possible for creative people to design/build/create what they want to see in museums. Applications have now closed and all applicants will be contacted on (or around) July 25th.

To run Museomix UK successfully we are looking for help in the following areas. However, this list is not exhaustive, if you have a talent not listed here then let us know!  Get in touch via twitter (Museomix UK) or by emailing

Community Outreach

Helping build network and structures with others to ensure participants are from a range of different sectors and the ones making MuseomixUK the best experience for all. Sectors will include;

  • Content/Curators/ Historians

  • Graphic designers

  • Interface designers

  • Builders/Makers

  • Communication

  • Coders

  • Students


Help share information and resources with those who will be taking part online.  Museomix is all about transparency, be one of those on the front line of the very first MuseomixUK and make it known!

  • Web Team [Live, Journal, Coaches]

  • PR

  • Social Media

Tech Team

Before the event help build the tech community – from coding to soldering, being a designer in FabLab to builders and assistants.  During the event the Tech Team will make ideas become reality; helping participants to make their prototypes.

  • Coders/developers (hardware & software)

  • FabLab (Chris from Manchester FabLab)

  • Tech Shop – supplies equipment for us to use over the 3 days

Space Design

Picture this!  We have the blank canvas; so can you coordinate a team to help design MuseomixUK? Do you have clear vision and able to take this to reality? You’ll work closely with a college and the IGMT facilities team.


Food and lodging are of course vital to MuseomixUK, We want to create an atmosphere where participants feel comfortable and can focus on their creative projects. We’ll have people from around the UK and abroad coming over to take part and will need guidance on where to stay, things to do.

  • Catering

  • Lodging

 Visiting Team

Participants will be looking for a team of friendly faces to welcome them when they arrive.

  • Help hand out badges

  • Provide directions

  • Answer questions before the event

  • Guidance


Can you share the excitement you feel for MuseomixUK and enthuse others enough help fundraise? Do you have the initiative and confidence to build relationships with potential sponsors and partners? This role is incredibly important to the success of MuseomixUK.


We need to be able to show clearly how successful MuseummixUK has been. Do you have a knack for surveys? Are you good with number crunching? Can you provide visual info graphics? If so we need you!