Welcome to MuseomixUK – the first Museomix in the UK! By now, participants from all over the UK, France, and Russia are making final plans to come to beautiful Shropshire to remix Ironbridge Gorge Museums – home of the Industrial Revolution! The MuseomixUK Orga team has worked very hard over the past 8-9 months to ensure everything you may need will be available – we are making final plans on the action-packed 3 days now. For the record, it is very difficult to plan for the unknown but we are doing our best – all you need to bring is creative ideas and inspiration to remix the museum(s)! Ironbridge Gorge Museum is the first Museum on the Global Fab Lab network and we will have access to this Fab Lab throughout the event.  We also have a fabulous Tech Shop team lead by Dominic from Mixed Reality who has gathered an impressive inventory of equipment should we require. We’re looking forward to connecting and building stronger relations with the other 5 Museomix sites too! See you on the 8th (or 7th at the pub!)



Design: The participant kit is in the printing process: we worked on the schedule, the deliverables and tried to gather all pieces of practical information that the Museomixer will need to get creative. The global poster is on its way. It has been designed by Grapheïne agency, and it is beautiful. Mixroom: The mixroom will perform its first online tests next week. Ironbridge will be connected with Lens, Paris, Nantes, Grenoble and Québec through different channels: Tweet Wall, Webcam, Google Hangout On Air and Breaking News. Every part of the orga are finding bit by bit their place among our huge local organisation



We have now a whole of team of coaches and facilitators ready to help all the way through Museomix. They will be here to share their knowledge, offer advice and feedback on the exhibits.



Get in touch with me if they have any problem with accommodation and to remember to fill in the form and to make the payment if they haven’t already done so.

Please find the schedule of these exciting days here : http://m1p.fr/Bl5

 Mireia, mireiabes@gmail.com


Museomix UK is on lots on social networks! (yeah!) These online platforms are yours, are designed to receive your questions, your ideas, your stories,… So please feel free to use them!

-> forum group: to exchange and ask (almost) about everything you need!
-> Public page: to show what fabulous community we are and who we are

Twitter: Exchange, discover and inform

FlickR: All (y)our photos about MuseomixUK, the Ironbridge Gorge Museums

YouTube: Now all the universe of Museomix (the former 2 years, videos from our friends in the other Museomix and MuseomixUK; broadcasting during our 3 exciting days, your prototypes, our adventure,…)

Instagram: To share your photos of the event like picture-postcard!

Google+: Discussion, discovering and sharing You too, you can interact with the MuseomixUK accounts using these hashtags: #MuseomixUK and #MM_UK (on Twitter above all, more short! 😉 )

Pinterest: live sketching, videos, pictures, what is the MuseomixUK during MuseomixUK!

See you online!