The Oiasso Museum in Irun is an archaeological museum that treats the roman time. Nowadays, and eventhough its content is pretty specific, it gathers different disciplines through its activity program. This way, in the program known as “Minerva’s forum”, proposals around culture and creation are developed. Music, literature, dancing or fashion, to point some, get into the museum and interact with the permanent exhibition.
Also, following this worklines, Oiasso has promoted projects that have creation and participation as its base: from contemporary art exhibitions to illustration workshops, artistic recycling, going through residences of artists or workshops of art therapy for specific collectives.
That’s why Museomix fit in the objectives and work methods of the museum. Museomix has been an opportunity to put in practice our vision of a museum opened to the community where sharing and mixing ideas, building mediation and experimentation devices, and re-thinking the relations between the museum, the artistic and investigation community and the audiences.
The opportunity to work together with a work and creation team made up by personalities and professional profiles so hererogenial has meant an authentic revolution for understanding our archaeological collection and its chances to generate new connection ways with the public. The prototypes designed by the different teams answer some proposals of innovative activities that bring new points of view and dynamics not worked in the museum yet. The view of someone outside of the daily tasks of the museum and the new approaches proposed, more linked to art, communication or technology, have created creative synergies with excellent results.

Irun – Museo Oiasso

Museo Oiasso
Eskoleta, 1

Horaires d'ouverture

10 > 12 novembre 2017, de 10h à 20h sans ârret


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Cristina Aguirre
Mayi Setien

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Photo credot: Nicolás Sarnago Robertson