Bruxelles – Palais du Coudenberg

Brussels - Palais du Coudenberg

This museum is a member of the Triforce of MuseomixBE 2020 : ADAM – Autrique – Coudenberg

An underground tour discovering the palace of Charles V

Once upon a time, the Coudenberg Palace towered over the city of Brussels. Charles V and many other of the most powerful rulers ever to reign in Europe made this princely residence their home between the 12th and 18th centuries, until it was consumed by a terrible fire. Every trace of this prestigious palace simply disappeared underground for many years. Today, however, these ruins constitute a fascinating archeological site incorporating a network of underground passages and chambers.

When you visit it you can explore the principal buildings of the palace and enjoy a stroll along the Rue Isabelle, which is now underground. In the Coudenberg Museum, located in Hoogstraeten House, the finest of the archeological discoveries made during the various excavations of the Coudenberg site are displayed.

Let's face it: 2020 isn't a year like any other.

However, the challenges that museums are facing today form precisely the core of Museomix action: participation, visitors' engagement, technology and co-creation.

In this context, considering the uncertainty of being allowed to organise our event "as we know it", hosted in an actual museum, we decided to...hack our Museomix Belgium 2020 edition !

And because we love not only to think outside the box but also to think big, this year's Museomix edition will :

- be a multi-museum one! Several museums will be chosen and they will work together, with us, to co-create a magical event
- happen in a 'neutral' space ! The objective of this is to not burden the logistics of the event all on one museum
- tackle thematics/playgrounds shared by different museums today and likely to stay crucial for the future

Excited already? Because we are!

Bruxelles – Palais du Coudenberg

Place des Palais 7

Opening hours

From 06 to 08 November 2020. The event will be held in English


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