Basel Museum

The Basel Historical Museum (HMB) with its four houses Museum of History (Barfüsserkirche), Museum of Music, Museum of Horsepower and Museum of Domestic Culture is the leading museum of cultural history in the Upper Rhine area.


Barfüsserplatz 4
4001 Basel


Opening hours

10:00 - 17:00 Tuesday - Sunday


Museomix CH



For the upcoming creative-marathon Museomix Basel and the HMB have established six themes which were then visualised in short videos. Check out the videos below or visit our Youtube channel!

How does the digital museum find its way into the physical museum space?

How can history turn into histories?

Who has a say in the museum?

We collect, therefore we are?

How can we change how the museum is perceived?

How can a visit to the museum of history be transformed into an adventure?

2016 edition

The permanent exhibition at the Museum of History presents key aspects of civic history from the Middle Ages to the present. Ecclesiastical works of art that predate the Reformation, including the “Basel Dance of Death” and the “Basel Cathedral Treasury”, are among the highlights. The exhibition in the basement titled “Understanding the World” comprises a magnificent array of medieval tapestries depicting both fantasy worlds and scenes of real life, the “Great Cabinet of Curiosities”(a selection of Renaissance and Baroque collections ), and Basel’s rich archaeological heritage starting with the celtic period. Besides its curatorial program in the museum the HMB focuses on cutting-edge digital communication forms to help establish a dialogue with the audience.

The team

Carmen Simon
Iris Staudecker