We will remix not just one museum, or even two museums, but two museums AND a castle! Or rather two museums IN a castle …? Whatever, it will be great, it will be beautiful, we will eat well.


Built around 1060 by William the Conqueror, the castle became the favorite residence of the Dukes of Normandy, Kings of England who gave it the size of one of the largest walled enclosures in Europe. Through the centuries, the castle has been transformed into a royal fortress and barracks for conscripts: each period of its history has left evidences. This prestigious past can be discovered from the restored ramparts overlooking the palace of the dukes of Normandy and the remains of the dungeon; it reveals itself in the visit of the monuments sheltered behind the walls.

Past the fortified gates and their impressive barbacans, we now enter the “enclosure of museums” – Museum of Normandy, Museum of Fine Arts – space for exhibitions, shows, discoveries and relaxation.


As a museum of history and society with archaeological and ethnographic collections, the Museum of Normandy is housed in the former Logis des Gouverneurs and the Salles du Rempart. It presents a panorama of the life of the populations on the territory of Normandy, since prehistory to the great migrations of the high middle age, the changes of the rural space up to the first upheavals of the industrial society. From the first fires to the first monuments, from the Gauls to the Romans, from the Frankish kingdoms to the Saxon pirates, the great history of the formation of a territory precedes the more peaceful evocation of the landscapes and the habitat, the craftsmanship and the techniques, costumes and customs.

From June 15 to January 6, the museum presents the exhibition “You said barbarians? Archeology Merovingian times in Normandy, fifth-eighth centuries”.


Rich in remarkable collections of old paintings, the Museum of Fine Arts in Caen is also open to contemporary creation. Located inside the ramparts of the castle of Caen, in the heart of a park of sculptures, it proposes exhibitions of paintings, drawings and engravings of all times. He opened a cubist room and regularly renews the hanging of his collections of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, thanks to a partnership with the Frac Normandy Caen. The museum offers tours and activities for all audiences from 3 years, seeks exchanges with live shows, cinema, literature, … It hosts artists in residence and creates tailor-made nights: the night of the living models, the night of the students, the night of museums, speed dating, neighbors’ party …

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Two playgrounds to invent in the permanent exhibition of the Normandy Museum. Archaeological objects, bones, models, ceramics or lace, what will awaken your imagination? During museomix, the exhibition "You said barbarians?" may be able to inspire you.


Two playgrounds to invent in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts. The collections of painting, the architecture of the museum, the cabinet of the prints: as many subjects to explore!


This is a huge playground that is open to you! The dungeon, the ramparts and their breathtaking views of Caen, the gates, the garden of the singles, the sculpture park ... Hard to choose!

2018 edition

The team

Karl Laurent
Président of Museomix Normandie association
Jean-Baptiste Cyrille
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