Lille Palace of Fine Arts

Hello Mister Palais des Beaux-Arts
3 days, we said 3 days !
During 3 days, this beautiful museum of international influence will be our playground. Museomixers from all around the world, of all ages, members of Museomix Nord, museum staff will be invited to question and experiment together the situation of digital and collaborative creation, a central topic for the museum since many years.

This well-known museum has just been awarded, side by side with the not-so-far Louvre Lens, the “Osez le Musée” grand prize from the Culture and Communication Ministry! That was a true acknowledgement of the values defended of the Palais des Beaux arts, especially innovation and accessibility

About the history…
Welcome to the Lille Musée des Beaux Arts. This stately monument is located in the heart of the city, on the Place de la République. Ever since its opening in 1892, the museum has gone through a lot of renovations and transformations in order to offer a better welcome to its visitors and also in order to display and conserve properly its tremendous amount of artworks.

Few figures…
22 000
is the total area of the Palais in square meters
is the Museum number of departments from antiquity to modern photography though the Renaissance period…
is the numbers of outstanding relief models from 17e, 18e and 19e centuries which represents various cities of the North of France
2 002
is the year the museum was labelized “Musée de France”
days is how long runs this 2018 edition of Museomix Nord

Lille Palace of Fine Arts

The building is located on the place de la République, in the center of Lille.

Opening hours

Monday 2pm to 6pm Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm



Museomix Nord


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2/ Museomix Kid

Museomix Kid is a Museomix… for kids (what a surprise !).
During the afternoon, they will browse the museum in a brand new way. Introduced to the hidden aspects of the museum, they will be able to imagine its future and the arts outreach of tomorrow. What if the exhibition rooms became a real playground ? What adventure and experience would they like to live in a museum ? What would they change ? For an out-of-time afternoon, all those questions are all in their hands. They are free to create, imagine, interact… even in terms of technology. We built for them an ephemeral creative laboratory where they will be able to build, test and present their prototypes… to the visitors.
There is only one prerequisite : to be inventive and curious !

The plan :
After a quick visit, all children are invited to Museomix like the adults for approximately 5 hours on Saturday afternoon.

3 years, 3 museums :

The Manufacture of Roubaix in 2015
The Arkéos Museum of Douais in 2016 with two local classes and around 20 kids used to the museum
Video :
The ecomuseum of Fourmies in 2017
Video :

2018 edition

The team

Tristan Hocquet
Président de l'association Museomix Nord
Nina Debail