Folon me

For the walkers of the park: have a funnny walk, discover Folon’s universe and make them to discover his artworks and the museum. For the visitors of the museum : continue the visit and discover a place wich inspire Folon coming with feelings and testimonies of other visitors


  1. Listen ! Don’t you hear an umbrella talking?
  2. Unhook one of the umbrellas hooked up in the tree close to the Folon Foundation. 
  3. Scan the marker in front of you to start your journey.
  4. Read the map inside your umbrella and find which way to go. Start your travel and find the first marker. When you are close to the marker, scan it. Your umbrella will talk to you again.Take the time to observe around you and listen to the stories broadcasted. When your experience is over, find which way to pursue your travel to the next marker and scan it. Do so with all the markers. You will know when the journey is over because you will be back at the foundation.

Intentions & Processes


Initially we wanted to improve the visibility of the Folon’s Foundation for the walkers of the park. With your sonorous umbrella, you will have the occasion to learn about Jean Michel Folon. Following easily recognisable markers, you will find observation zones where totems will invite you to interact. Messages will be displayed by small speakers hidden in your umbrellas.

The whole journey is made of eight moments. We will have a small introduction at your departure from the foundation. At the boat you will learn more about Mr Folon’s travels. Then at the third observation point, a hat will tell you more about his relations with the poet Jacque Prévert. You will continue your journey to the fourth point. There, you will be told about his point of view on life, his obsession for points of view and we will walk to the fifth point, where you will discover about Mr. Folon’s civic and citizen engagements for peace. At the last point you will learn more about Mr. Michel Colombier, a composer, a friend of Mr. Folon. Then you will go back to the foundation to return your umbrella and certainly to visit the Folon foundation. 


We started the week-end with a good breakfast and the visit of the Fundation. Then we discovered the Fablab, the techshop and realise all the amazing technological possibilities we will have ! We spent some time all together in the first plenary and created the teams… At noon the team “Follon me” met !… and found its name very quickly. This first decision was easy to make and was announcing what would follow : a very good collaboration and a great team work !

After lunch, we went all together for a walk in the park to get inspired.

It was very sunny and the light was absolutely amazing with the colors of nature in the fall. We made a very good brainstorming “in situ”. Around 16:00, we came back at the foundation to work : we organised our work and prepared our speech for the next plenary.

After a delicious cheesy diner, we went back to work. Day 1 was really full of ideas and full of efficient decisions. At the end of the day we had a concept and ways to make it happen ! Before getting our well deserved night of sleep we planned for the next day.

Day 2 started with a quick briefing all together. The coder worked hard all day to find a way to use GPS technology to trigger the soundtrack of the travel. Finally he decided to work with QR codes. Also we did a lot of concrete work : 

  • We created a wooden logo (lasercut)
  • We created content : map, “totems”, audio texts
  • We printed the map on the umbrellas
  • We created a presentation video of the project
  • We created a wooden hat, a wooden boat, 3 paper birds, markers in plaster with a 3D printed mold



  • Mediator: I found the concept of the 3 days amazing and the orga team is wonderfull. The team of the Foundation was very welcoming it was a pleasure to work at their place. However it was really difficult to work with internet all the time… with an internet connexion interrupting at any moment and a lot. We work on technological mediation tools and need an adapted infrastructure otherwise it is very much energy lost for nothing. What I liked the most is the atmosfeer in the team (due to between other stuff, very good organization of the work).
  • Graphic Designer: Everything was linked and sometimes I had to wait for someone to be ready and the other way around, which was difficult. I loved the fact that we were in charge of our field but had the opportunity to also take other hats.
  • Communicator: Very happy to have seen the powerfullness of management strategie, this boost of creativity was a great and welkoming fresh air in this automnal season 🙂
  • Content Manager: It has been an interesting experience, three days well intensive especially of the point the view of the speaking rotation between english and french, because being italienne, the speech was the first and strong challenge form me and unfortunately a limit, but the atmosphere was really positive.
  • Coder: To find the best technological way to do things was the best and the worst part.
  • Maker: “I loved the experience from the starting until the end, the brainstorming, the attitude of the group, the discover of the another way to see a museum. For the next time I think I would be better in another function than maker. That’s a beautiful challenge!


folon me
  • Mediator : Elsa Wittorski 
  • Graphic Designer : Nolwen Major Francès 
  • Communicator : Maroussia De Neuville 
  • Content Manager : Anna Sartor 
  • Coder : Sébastien Lebon
  • Maker : Lise Marche and Julien Descurieux 
  • Facilitator : Solenne Romagni (responsible for the immortality of the prototype