[section titre=”Vision”]

Below is the shared vision, mission, and principles that animate the Museomix community.
This document is Version 1, and is a collaborative effort.

The vision of Museomix is to create…

  • An open museum with a place for everyone;
  • A living-lab museum that evolves with its users;
  • A networked museum in touch with its communities.

[section titre=”Missions”]

  • Foster collaboration. We create transdisciplinary opportunities for new ideas and projects to emerge.
  • Test and lead by example. We create the conditions to experiment on and within museums. We show that it’s possible to innovate the museum experience, by doing it!
  • Bring new ideas to light. Museomix’s experiments and meetups are organized so that new ideas are encouraged and pushed forward.
  • Share freely. We share the projects, technologies, and content that help advance the vision of an open, living, and networked museum. We push for free and open licensing of all that we produce.
  • Build a community that takes care of itself and its members. We augment the size, the autonomy and the impact of the community. The development of all of our members is encouraged by a virtuous circle of support.

[section titre=”Principles”]

  • Inclusion. Anyone can be a member of the Museomix community; there are no barriers to entry. We appreciate diversity and encourage everyone to participate.
  • Collaboration. We are founded on creative collaboration, an activity that transcends organizations, companies and geography. It is in working with others that an user [c]becomes a member of a community of practice open to all.
  • Sharing. We love free circulation and free sharing of knowledge and know-how. We adopt open licences, shared resources, sharing ideas, and remix as a modus operandi.
  • Contribution. Community member are encouraged to become active contributors, and to enrich shared resources with all that they find.
  • Iteration. Our activity is based on the testing and continuous improvement of prototypes, media solutions, and ideas in evolution.
  • Autonomy. By starting and contributing to new projects, each member acquires autonomy, responsability and authority within the community. Something isn’t working? We’ll fix it ourselves, we’ll change it, we’ll find another solution.

[section titre=”Video Summary”]
This video from the 2012 event gives you a taste of what Museomix looks like in action.

[section titre=”Inspiration”]

http://www.burningman.com/whatisburningman/about_burningman/principles.html (post-web event)