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Organize Museomix

Are you a member of a museum team?
Do you want to approach the museums around you?
Here are some resources to help you:

Space design

How to arrange the premises, what are the necessary spaces for each moment of the mix: all the details step by step.

Go to the guide

museum chart

The fundamentals of Museomix, the commitments on the side of the museum and those on the side of the community.

Take a look at the chart

Exemple of budget

This spreadsheet is given as an example: it concerns the organization of a Museomix event in Nantes in 2014.

Go to the example


Your museum will have to answer several technical challenges: take a look at this document to get an overview.

Take a look at the list


Evaluation of the event

Your Museomix will be evaluated in order to guarantee the respect of the format for the participants. Here is an example of evaluation that centralizes all the museums of the same edition.

Check an example

To participate in Museomix, you must submit your application before May. Get in touch with your local community or get closer to another existing community.

Participate in Museomix

You wonder who are the mixers and if you have your place in a team?
Here are the profiles of the participants:


Your mission is to make your prototype live on the networks and to document the design.


You are the last one off the deck: you make the prototype work!


You draw, burn, sculpt: in short you shape the idea of your team.

content expert

Need a scientific expertise? You will be our main source of information.
You are unbeatable!


You like to tinker, nail, screw, drill, paint … It is you who give body to the prototype.


You will be in the front line with the public; disclosure is your passion.


According to prevoius Museomix editions, a versatile profile can be proposed !

To participate in Museomix, you must submit your application to the museum you like most. The entry form is generally posted online in June each year. It is the local community that will study your profile.

Read the Museomixer charter

There are other ways to participate in Museomix:


You are linked to a team but do not participate in the design of the prototype: you are there to help as much as possible.


being a resource

You have technical or mediation expertise. You support the teams and help them to make their prototype.


You are part of the volunteer organisation team: catering, technical, logistics, communication… The choice is wide!

Don’t forget that Museomix is built all year round: contact your local community to show your enthusiasm and participate in the meetings!

Support Museomix

Partnerships are essential for Museomix: they help to solidify a local ecosystem for each event. Sponsors financially support Museomix. We have established different levels of economic support that generate different types of rewards.  The partners contribute to the success of Museomix by various forms of support:


Photos of the event, video recording, press coverage… We always need visibility to keep in touch among communities and with the general public.



Building the right environment for teams by designing the spaces: an ideal mission for space design students.


All that is necessary for the work of the teams: Internet connection, manufacturing machines (fablab), technological equipment…

Talking about Museomix

Do you want to talk about Museomix in the press?

Here are some useful tools and contacts:


It is maintained by the communities on our Wiki

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For any request:

museomix [at]


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