Museomix is organized every year by enthusiastic volunteers, museum professionals, technical partners and all the people eager to invent the museum today! Museomix is co-organized locally by museums and communities. The main thing is to meet the forces of your territory! There is also a sharing moment and tools for the global coordination: throughout the year, Museomix communities stay in touch and organize meetings.

To join us the movement, get in touch with the nearest community!

No community around you? Make it emerge spontaneously following the Museomix spirit. We advise you to solicit an existing community or an active member to accompany you.

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Community news

Museomix 2015 : 11 museums, 5 countries

Dear museomixers, We have the great pleasure to announce that this year’s Museomix will be more international than ever ! In november 2015, 11 museums will be cheerfully remixed in 5 countries by more than 1000 participants that will speak 5 different languages ! In...

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Museums hosting Museomix in 2015

Planet Museomix, We are pleased to announce that this year Museomix will be held on two week-ends, between the 6th and the 15th of November 2015. There goes the list of museums that will cheerfully, energetically and passionately be remixed: In France : The Museum of...

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Inter-community forum

We use a platform called “Community” to exchange information among communities.

Access to Community

Thank you for respecting the rules of etiquette on this platform. Do not disseminate promotional information. Community is a communication tool to organize the event and keep you informed throughout the year.

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