Museomix EC

Museomix EC community was created at mid 2017, with the association of the Metropolitan System of Museums of Quito, with the museum professional María Gabriela Mena G., who worked together finding ways to make this dream true.

Becaming part of this international project, was a challenge for us, because we founded essential to open up a multitask space for reflection, but mostly for creation and innovation in museums at Quito-Ecuador.

We are now able to call Museomix EC a reality thanks to a grant received from the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador, in order to support part of the event of 2018. Now a day we have more than 10 institutions and a bunch of committed professionals working hard.

As a strong community, Museomix EC 2018 has already been presented to the public in our first AperoMIX on June 13th. And by the time we are receiving nominations from the museums that want to participate.

Also we started with the cycle of TalleresMIX (workshops) which are taking place last Thursday of each month from June to October.

We are happy of being part of this global community and her are willing to receive all of you in our Museomix EC 2018 on November.


You can follow us on FB Museomix EC, on Instagram museomix_ec and find more about our community at

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