This year, MuseomixBE will remix not only one but 3 museums of the Pole Muséal of Mons: the Artothèque, the BAM and the Doudou Museum. The Pôle Muséal of Mons is an institution which groups together 13 museums and exhibition spaces managed by the City of Mons.

Artothèque, the heart of Pôle Muséal
The Artothèque is the main location for the conservation of Mons heritage and the collection of its 13 museums. It is unique in Europe in its function: a centre for archiving, researching, restoring and studying this heritage. The heritage that can’t be exhibited permanently in the other museums is kept safe within the Artothèque. In addition, the Artothèque plays an important role in the promotion of Mons’ heritage, not only by making it virtually accessible but also by lifting the veil on the “hidden” jobs in museums.

Beaux-Arts Mons (BAM) and the famous Niki !
Every year, the BAM hosts two prestigious exhibitions of contemporary art. Presented across nearly 2.000m², these exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity to discover an artist, an artistic movement or a theme connected to the collections of the Pole muséal. Remaining faithful to its commitment of offering access to a diverse audience, particularly underprivileged people, the BAM organises a series of activities to tie in with the main exhibitions.

During Museomix there’ll be a kick-ass exhibition of Niki De Saint-Phalle, “Here everything is possible”. A perfect match with our mission for the weekend!

Doudou Museum, between fantasy and reality
The Doudou Museum is dedicated to the traditional Ducasse festival (listed by UNESCO in 2005) and to Saint George and the Dragon. The unique appeal of this museum is that it places visitors at the heart of an interpretive journey, throughout the year, giving them the keys to understand of the state of mind that fills the city, once a year. The museum’s exhibits invite visitors to discover this exceptional local heritage from a variety of perspectives: historical, anthropological, scientific, artistic, secular and religious.

This year, MuseomixBE decided to work differently on the playgrounds of the museum.

The thematics on which museomixers will work are drawn from 3 different sources:
· The staff of Pôle Museal of Mons – they share their issues and topics that are specific to their day-to-day lives.
· The visitors of Pôle Muséal – We will organise a public survey to take the visitors’ perspective into account.
· The previous museomixers – what would have been their dreamed playground ?

From those 3 groups, we will work on kick-ass playgrounds that will inspire museomixers to be as creative and crazy as possible !

Mons – Pôle Muséal of Mons

BAM: Rue Neuve, 8 - 7000 Mons
Artothèque: 10 minutes walking from BAM
Doudou Museum: 2 minutes walking from BAM

Opening hours

ARTOTHEQUE: Thursday > Sunday : 10h > 16h; BAM: Tuesday > Sunday : 10h > 18h; MUSEE DU DOUDOU: Tuesday > Sunday : 10h > 18h


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