Superhero visitors

You will be given super powers of x-ray vision, flight, time travel and super sense as you visit the Museums. Your smart phone or tablet will alert you when your different super powers are available as you walk through the space. When your spider sense goes off listen, look, experience your new power and see the Museum as a super hero would. Then take a selfie as your superhero alterego.

Scénario utilisateur

Enter the museum. Download the superhero app. As you move around the museum and arrive at different locations the spider sense alert (vibration and sound) on your smart phone or tablet will activate. You now have a super power enabled for the area that you are in or the object that you are beside. Simultaneously the object will light up or sound to make the link with your spider sense. Each location will use a single super power. Use your super power of x-ray vision to see inside the object and see how it works. Use your super power of time travel to see how a building would have looked in the past. Use your super power of super smell to experience the smells of long ago. Use your super power of super sense to detect a heat source. Once you have used your super power take a selfie as your super hero alter ego and tweet the Museum with your new found powers

Intentions & Processes

We wanted to an additional interpretative layer to the visitors experience that would engage the different senses. We wanted to be able to link the whole Coalbrookdale site in one activity that would add depth and layers of interpretation. We wanted to create something that could be used by family groups primarily but that would also work for children and individuals. Upon further discussion we decided that why have normal human senses to explore when you could have superhero senses!

Outils et techniques

What we needed for this project: ideas and concepts museum objects and their stories Technical know-how….code, app development, design skills, film making Kit – laptops, tablets, smart phones, paper, pens, sensors Coffee!


Our strength was our idea and ‘hook’….however it took such a long time to reach this firm idea that we haven’t had time to focus on delivery

The process of production and delivery is time consuming, and perhaps more help should have been sought, time and resources are limited

Our audience was clear and considered

Adding an interpretive layer to the museum experience was one of our keys aims and a strength of our project

The project is achievable, and do-able but perhaps not in the time that we have…so a strong idea and hook, content that is relevant to the museum, an idea that the museum can expand on and explore further potential, skills in the team have allowed coding and testing that the project would work….but the final prototype…will it be good enough to have that wow factor to capture the audience?

Foire aux questions

Q – who is this app for?

A – the whole family

Q – what is the purpose of the app?

A – to give visitors super powers – to help them see objects and buildings in a new way, and find out more info in specific locations about the museum site

Q – how does the app work?

A – as you walk through the space your device will alert you sound and vibration) when you have a super power available to use, the object will flash when your device has activated your super power, choose to use your power whether its x-ray vision to see into objects, time travel to see a building as it was a hundred years ago, flight to zoom over the landscape, or super senses to hear and smell the past

Q – how can I share my experience

A – take a selfie as your super hero alter ego and tweet or Facebook the museum, your friends and family!


Hannah Stewart and Catherine Jones – making it happen! Coders, concept, tech, makers, generally playing with computers

Hadas Brenner – packaging, image ,user experience

Domniki Papadimitriou – content, film making, focus and planning,narrative

Gillian Crumpton – content, comms, narrative and coffee