KINTSUGI #Mostrailtuocaos

Kintsugi/Mostra il tuo CAOS is a web app design to introduce the CAOS collection to the visitor from a different angle and unexpected meaning. Seven paintings of the collection have been analysed based on shapes, materials and colours. Evocative questions accompany each painting to enhance and engage more deeply the visitor. The question does not require an answer by the visitor, the aim is to encourage to think differently in front of a painting. At the end of the tour a manual experience is organised to allow the visitor to touch with their hands the different materials. The experience targets primarily adult visitors that are already familiar with the collection and to offer an experience on different levels.

Scénario utilisateur

The user experience was tested according the following step since the aim was to offer the visitor an experience on different levels digital, content, practical, sensory and imaginative.
We prepared a welcoming desk (pic. 1) where visitors could get the instructions on how to use the webapp, the materials to handle after the visit, the sweets in different shapes and colours and the stickers.

The visitors are welcomed by the museum staff and given the instructions on how to use the web app (pic. 2) Kintsugi #mostramiiltuocaos.


Photo @Luna Cesari

Visitors are asked to use their mobile phones (pic. 3), type in their  browser  (the website app name) and start the journey in the museum collection looking for the 7 paintings marked by the Kintsugi logo (pic.4).


Photo @Luna Cesari

Instructions are given also on how to read the screen that comes up when touching the app (pic. 5).

Visitors are also reminded to come back to the desk and have a practical experience. Before starting the journey inside the museum their are also invited to take a sweet.

In front of one of the seven paintings the visitor touches the corresponding image on their mobile phone and the following screen comes up (pic. 6). The screen shows how the painting has been analysed according the predominant shape, material and colour.

Photo @Luna Cesari

A question is pose at the end, which aim is  to suggest an emotion, to prompt a story or a thought. The question is evocative, not linked to the painting content. Visitors are not necessary asked to reply since it could be quite a personal answer.
At the end of the tour they come back to the desk and are invited to choose between a shape, a material and a colour that most attracted them (pic 7).


Photo @Luna Cesari



The aim of this is to create a wall with the visitor’s “CAOS” experience. Therefore each piece of object is attached on the wall behind the desk. Of course they can take another sweet.

Outils et techniques

image editing,
html5, css3,
image color summarizer,
Photoshop, Digital Photography,
3d Printing,
Objects making



Alessandra De Nicola, communicator « In search of my cloud of glory » « Inseguo la mia nuvola di gloria »

Antonia Silvaggi, Mediator « Everyone has a story to tell » « Tutti hanno una storia da raccontare »

Luna Cesari, Content « I’m a metal box » « Sono una scatola di latta »

Elisa Pietrelli, Maker « Everyday I chose to be or not to be » Ogni giorno scelgo cosa essere o non essere »

Leonardo Zaccone, Programme developer « Be big before being fat » « Sii grande prima di essere grasso »

Camilla Perondi, Graphic Designer « Good people sleep better at night but the bad people have more fun during the day »  « I buoni di notte dormono meglio ma i cattivi di giorno si divertono di più »