The Mystery of Valerius Beltesonis

Our team has created an Escape Room in the Oiasso Museum having Valerius Beltesonis as protagonist. The fiction story begins with the death of the biggest protagonist of the Andrearriaga Stele, a big mystery that was. This happening confronts vascones and romans, giving life to the two teams that will face each other, apparently, searching for hints to prove their innocence and get out of the museum, discovering finally that they would need to collaborate to achieve it.

Scénario utilisateur


Intentions & Processes

The will of our project is to integrate the museum’s user in the history of Oiasso, being themselves the protagonists of the history. We wanted to create a project where the decisions are made by the user to get to know more deeply the museum and its collection and this way, he/she can make the museum his and identify themselves. Our intention has been to create an experience that encourages the learning by playing.

Outils et techniques

The used material for the creation of the hints of the Escape Room has been paper, cardboard and 3D printers. We’ve also used the costumes of the Museum to distinguish the teams.

Foire aux questions

  • When is the project going to be done? The best would be to choose a date where the project will be a special event, not to interrupt the cultural program of the museum. The ideal would be to celebrate this Escape Room during a night-event, so the event will take the most of the mysterious aura we want to achieve.


Miren Bereciartu

Idoia Goñi

Alessandra Ottaviani

Maria Ruiz de Olano

Naiara Uria