The museums is too white, too serious, the façade is neutral… we look for the WOW effect, the surprise feeling for the visitor when they get to the hall of the building and they discover a “colourful world”. We want to make the most of the entrance space.

Scénario utilisateur

Double. The big white wall in the entrance where there is a big map of Oiasso, the roman city behind Irun. There is also a nice and lighty space in the ceilings of the hall’s skylight.

We believe that the map is not well explained, and the visitors don’t understand it easily.

We also thing that the beautiful atrium could be used to make the most of it.

Intentions & Processes

The main goal is to make the most of the space of the museum and create a WOW effect in the visitors and involve the local community and the contemporary artists. Also, to make an annual event, with its yearly opening event.

There is a nice big map in the entrance wall of the museum, but we think is not clear enought for the visitor. We want to create through the morphing technique, a way of explaining the map and compare it with the actual map of the city.

For the atrium space, we will build an structure to get to the top easily and the project wants to start a competition for artists, designers, architects (the first year it would be needed to invite some artist directly) for the “decoration” of it. We want the new deco to be there for a year. This way, you want to visit the museum year after year to see something new each time. There would be also an opening event to create community and expectation. We look for the WOW effect.

Outils et techniques

For the structure needed for the ceiling: metallic profiles and pladur sheets.

Tratamiento techos: Perfiles metálicos y placas de pladur


For the entrance wall: a projector


A pair of nice restless minds who want to cause surprise with their intervention in the museum and they also want to solve a problem of explanation.

Eneko Calvo & Gorka Díaz