6 per Ancona

Scénario utilisateur

The visitor journey
Before: arriving at the museum (by curiosity, because it rains, by boredom…)
The visitor receives a passport, a key and a map
Aim: building expectation
● gets closer to the zone
● sees the place lit
Aim: creating curiosity

First dicovery
The visitor opens the box, puts the headphones on and plays the audio content
Aim: activating prototype
Key experience
The visitor:
● listens to the story
● touches items
● sniffs at the finds
● discovers history
● experiences physical sensations
Aim: causing curiosity and appreciation
End of the experience
The visitor:
● listens to the final invitation
● takes off the headphones
● prints the stamp on passport
● closes the box
● continues his path through the museum until the next zone (step 2).
Aim: Satisfaction, curiosity

After: back to normal experience outside the museum.

When outside the museum, the passport works as a prize and experience reminder.

Intentions & Processes

The City museum, set in a square also called « the city living room » is a place to meet and exchange ideas and opinions around the history and the many curiosities that a perfect seaside city can give!
It could be a shelter from rain during a sudden storm, a place of play and discovery for children and a place of study for researchers. A museum for everyone, that can improve its accessibility to better describe itself and be even more of a City Museum.

Improving the accessibility of the museum for a target group of children aged 8 to 10 accompanied by their families.
The goal is to make live the museum experience in a playful way, through a passport that invites to learn about six stories that have characterized Ancona city history.
Once the route has been completed, the passport will be issued by the museum to reward small visitors.

Outils et techniques

Lights Totem
– LED (3)
– circuits wiring
– 1 220 ohm resistance for each LED
– 9V battery
– connector from Arduino to the battery
– lasercut engraved pexiglass
– movement sensors
– Arduino1
– Breadbord

Stamira Totem
– mp3 player
– headphones with 3,5mm jack

– 3,5m audio splitter
– carved wood

Sensorial Box kit
– spices
– Aleppo soap
– damask fabric
– fishnet
– stamp
– pitch

The audio was made using audio tracks in Creative Commons
Youtube sounds


Miranda Brunetti – Developer
Paolo Cocco – Mediator
Giulia Grassini – Maker
Lorenzo Martelli – Maker
Andrea Morisco – Content expert
Antonio Percolla – Communicator
Enrico Gurini – Facilitator