Scénario utilisateur

It’s a multi-sensory path that involves various stages.
The museum is enriched by a series of sensory stimuli that involve one or more senses from time to time.
The visitor is invited to watch / listen / smell / touch the objects or contents produced specifically for the prototype.
The visitor can smell essences diffused in the environment or contained in small ampoules, listen to quotes about the city, voices of illustrious civilians and sounds of the city, touch materials related to trade in the harbour and 3D printed models, look at pictures of Ancona’s harbour during the centuries.

Intentions & Processes

Making the museum more communicative and engaging through the stimulation of the five senses. Simplify and make more efficient the fruition of the large amount of content located in the museum.

Outils et techniques

3d modeling and printing
audio file
image projection
laser wood-cut
Blue di guado Dye (cloth, soap, sole skin)


Chiara Beni – communicator
Aurora Iacono – designer
Isabel Leggiero – mediator
Anna Mastrovincenzo – content expert
Elisa Ricciotti – maker