APPrendistorie: Etno-trail

Scénario utilisateur

A mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with internet access, NFC or QR code reader and desire to explore. The project consists in the production of a game for mobile devices: each guest can choose his/her mission among four different thematic trails. The visitors will explore the collections searching for particular objects linked to the theme of the mission. The journey begins approaching the NFC/QR sticker at the beginning of the trail with your device. Just follow the on-screen instructions to start the game.

Once an object has been identified, it is necessary to bring the device closer to one of the stickers on the windows to know if the chosen object is correct in relation to the chosen mission. In both cases the visitor will receive additional information on the scanned object.

The goal of the game is to collect all the objects of the mission, found while exploring the museum

Intentions & Processes

The aim of the game is to stimulate a critical, but at the same time playful, approach towards the museum collections so as to bring out important themes already present but can be more enriched through interactivity

Outils et techniques

static images for the screens


Saverio Bartolini Lucenti: mediator
Carla Sofia Galli: content expert
Kathleen Giuliani: designer
Daniele Duranti: programmer
Gabriela Acha: Maker
Stefano Tamai: Communicator