Scénario utilisateur

Did you ever played MEMORY?
One of the museum’s display cases has some icons to pair.
You can play with the hidden NFC sensors using a smartphone with NFC enabled. Putting the device close to the icons you will get images and text on screen

Intentions & Processes

To allow the digital archive fruition (otherwise unavailable) in a playful and intuitive way, even with an in-depth eye on the complexity of the same themes.
To promote a provocative reflection about reversal of roles between explorer and researcher as in the representation.
To take advantage of the anthtopological photography evolution to start a comparison with current images with similarity or contrast mechanisms
To open an unexpected dialog between two compared images.

Outils et techniques

NFC sensors
online archive


Collections Expert: Camilla Marcucci
Designer: Alessandro Schiavoni
Cultural Mediator: Adele Giacoia
Communicator: Sara Pecoli
Programmer/Developer: Federico Niccolai
Maker: Andrea Sabatino