Storie pettinate (combed stories)

Scénario utilisateur

Multisensory and transversal itinerary between the collection items, using a paper map, NFC technology and QR codes. The visitor will be guided in the museum by his own mobile device.
Bonus value: Open mind, traveller spirit.

Intentions & Processes

To overcome the ideological barrier between US and THEM, showing how different populations replied to a common need shaping it through their owns culture’s lens. The aim, in this transversal itinerary, is to show equality based on diversity and to match us and the represented populations through the the equality fil rouge, promoting a new key of interpretation.

We focused on the presence of a comb in almost in every room of the museum. The same method could be used with other objects that are equally spred among different cultures.
Items being like travelers bringing a message of equality between different populations.

Outils et techniques

Paper map
NFC technology
QR codes


Cultural Mediator – Diana Giudici
Communicator-Alessia Marino
Collections expert- Elisa Demuru
Programmer/developer-Candida Mati
Designer- Filippo Giorgi
Maker-Grégoire Legrain