Scénario utilisateur

The visitor will “travel” throughout the museum looking for 4 different stops marked in the map of the project (this content is available in the booklet or in the related website). Each stop represents an object of the collection. Each object must be approached with one of the 5 senses with the aim to start the exploration and the related learning process through a sensorial emotion ( touching a 3d reproduction of a bear model; listening an audio track with the sound of a tuddukan; smelling the coffee aroma made in the Eritrean giabanat; being part of the video installation inspired by the textures of the colorful Yanomami compositions). After the first sensorial- emotional approach, it will be possible to learn about the objects’ story and context thanks to short files included in the booklet and in the website.

Intentions & Processes

Create an emotional experience thanks to the 5 senses stimulation.
Go beyond the physical border of cabinets with the aim to interact with the objects
Rethink museum accessibility
Make the fruition more dynamic and fluid
Differentiate the fruition focusing on less artifacts to support a bigger in- depth analysis of this few ones.

Outils et techniques

NFC technology
Website (
Booklet (Adobe Photoshop)
Video installation (VDMX5)
3D print
Audio track (Sound Designer)


Rita Duina – Communicator
Serena Calaresu – Content Expert
Costanza Rosi – Designer
Irene Rosadi – Computer programmer
Matilda Mancuso – Maker
Chiara Bonelli – Mediator