Museums as Conversation


Derby Silk Mill tells an amazing industrial story, but the thing that’s missing at the moment is people – personal stories, human insights, emotions, memories and everything that machines can’t tell us.

Intentions & Processes

We want to start a conversation between the museum, the local community and visitors.

We want people to feel like they can share in telling the story of Derby, and that their voices and memories will be part of a much bigger, collective project.

We’ve done lots of head-scratching, and we’ve come up with the idea of a tactile, interactive map of Derby – visitors can touch specific spots on the map to read other people’s stories about that area, or to add their own.


We’ve blagged a super hi-tech touchscreen from the tech guys, and the Fab-lab are doing an amazing job of making a perspex overlay with the map etched onto it. We’ll then have 3D buildings also made out of perspex.


Philip is programming for his life – working out the hotspots for the touchscreen and twitter integration

Leah is making a 3D graphic file that will eventually become an etched map

Ralph is creating bundles of exciting local history content to pre-load into the information bank

Jill is interviewing Derby Museums, Head of Museums, Jonathan Wallis, for his unique insight into Derby and its history

Jane is trying to learn how to edit video in time for 5pm and is posting this (hi!)