Sense of plates


While the placement of the cafe in the ceramic gallery is a great idea, and means that more  people are using that space, in many respects the ceramics are simply wall decorations. We felt that a table top interactive would allow visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee and have a new cafe experience doing a fun activity connected to their surroundings

Intentions & Processes

To create a new museum cafe experience where visitors can discover about the personal nature of ceramics via an interactive that allows them to design their own decorative plate that represents what is precious to them.


Table, projector, xbox kinect, NFC reader


A Sense Of Plates is made up of 7 people with a range of backgrounds, including illustration, computer science, museums, communication. We came together due to a mutual desire to bring together the gallery-cafe experience via a fun interactive inspired by the ceramics.

The interactive is a  projection of a plate onto a cafe table. By swiping the screen you will  be able to start a journey to make your own personal plate featuring images and  decorations that represent what is precious to you.