Team engine


With the Grasshopper machine has the starting point of our exhibition, we want to encourage visitors to play with simple machine gears, understand its functions (both physical and social), and start to see it as a sort of analog API of an open source project where people can create their own machines, using pieces provided by the museum, other users or pieces they created themselves.

The most enthusiast visitors will have the option to book an appointment in the fab lab to come back at a later time and push the experiment further. The 3D printer and cutter with be made available for people to use on specific times and dates.

Once home, people could return to the exhibition’s website to explore and contribute to its content. People will be able to download and upload 2D models to print, experiment with and share with this new community of open source analog machine makers.

Intentions & Processes

We are trying to find relevance between machines from the past (such as the Grasshopper) and draw a parallel with today’s machine, such as a 3D printer.

We also want people to engage in the engineering process and explore its possibilities.


  • 3D printer
  • Smart display
  • Pieces of engineering
  • A box for people to pick or leave pieces in for everyone to use


We are 5 + 1 facilitator.
Collectively we are awesome, creative and a bit nerdy.