The Sample room

The Sample Room is a designated space where visitors can connect to lonely objects that are normally in the museum store. The visitor community will create their own exhibit through emotion and participation.


Three forgotten objects are on display in The Sample Room – which one makes your heart beat a bit faster? Got the hots for Object One? Are you pulsing with happiness for Object 3? Connect to the plight of forgotten objects, feel for them and influence which object will get the company of a friend in The Sample Room. The Sample Room responds to your love – come and feel something!

Intentions & Processes

  • Measure visitor response to objects by gathering biometric data > engaging audiences with art works on a personal and emotional level
  • Responsive Curation – Community Curation > rngaging (more diverse) audiences with the curation process
  • Getting objects out of the store and telling their stories


Biometric data collection. Screens. Raspberry Pie. Arduino. Heartbeat App. (All this is still evolving!)


Team #TheSampleRoom got inspired by a sign in the Derby Silk Mill store that says ‘Sample Room’. We wanted to create an interactive space (Sample Room) where people can connect to lonely objects that haven’t seen the light of days in ages… Our team is Fran, Daniela, Martin, Katie and Selma. We are a young and international team, with members from Ireland, England, the Netherlands and Italy.