Teselas mensajeras

A roman mosaic made in a collaborative way through TESELAS sent by postal mail to people that, after, have to come to the museum to build the final image together.


From Oiasso Museum in Irun, the goal is to send decens of postcards with tiles (the little pieces who with the mosaics were made in the Old Rome) to several people in Irun and surroundings, chosen randomly but corresponding to different profiles. We’ll do a special effort for the non-public, so people that don’t have a relationship with the museum receive by surprise in their mailbox the postcards.

We’ll get our first objective: the SURPRISE effect. In the same postcard we’ll invite them to come to the museum with their tiles to rebuild the complete image of the mosaic. When they’ll come to the museum it will be a DISCOVERING visit, because they don’t know the museum. It will also be a PARTICIPATIVE and INTERACTIVE visit, because they’ll put their tiles in the big mosaic composition.

Intentions & Processes

As a departing point, postcards already edited by the museum will be used. There would have images from archeological excavations of the roman harbour and the necropolis of Santa Elena’s chapel.

In every postcard, we’ll stick 4 ceramic tiles with transparent glue. We’ll also add a text where we’ll explain the action so that the receptor understands the meaning of it.

The postcard will be send by post mail in envelopes.

In the museum there will be an space prepared with the image “base” where the visitors that will come with their tiles, could stick them.



  • Postcards
  • Tiles
  • Clue
  • Envelopes
  • Stickers to send the postcards
  • Matriz dibujada del diseño del mosaico



Mariajo (archaeological content), Cristina (management and production of the prototype), Mario (idea creator, artist) y Eneko (idea creator, cultural manager)