Ancona – Museo della Città

The Museum of the City of Ancona should be the essential handbook for approaching the complex and extraordinary history of Ancona. It is a didactic museum inaugurated in 2000 which, through reconstructive models, didactic panels, archaeological finds, works of art, topographical maps and documents, illustrates in chronological sequence characters and historical events important for the Marche capital. All the materials are used to make a continuous and constant comparison between the ancient city and the modern city.

In 2018 a new part of the City Museum was inaugurated: Spazio Presente. It is a large open space environment, which is going to house a conference room, the Ancona photographic library and a series of digital devices that will narrate the history of Ancona from 1860 until today.

At present, the museum is frequented by citizens and associations, which visit it on holidays; they take friends and distant relatives to tell the story of their city. We would like this place to be enriched with emotional cues that can continue encouraging citizens to come back again and again, so that new curiosities and new stories can be discovered every time.

Museomix will be an opportunity to discuss and rethink museum spaces in order to give the visitor a more immersive and interesting experience.

Ancona – Museo della Città

The Museum is located in the middle of the historic center of the city, with access from Piazza del Plebiscito.

Opening hours

Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 4pm to 7pm - Sat & Sun 10am to 7pm


Museomix IT


1/ Improve the entrance area, the bookshop and the museum reception.

In this moment the museum has a hidden and not very "attractive” entrance area. We are looking for suggestions and simple interventions that can improve its impact, and that are an incentive to cross the entry threshold. Many people, in fact, wander around the entrance, have a look around and then leave. Considering these attitudes, we have come to the conclusion that changes to the current space arrangements are needed;

2/ Suggest solutions to integrate disused technological sections along the way.

The museum presents sections, located throughout the museum area, in which obsolete video projection systems were used, narrating significant historical events. Our request is to receive proposals on the use of these spaces in an alternative way. The videos do not necessarily need to be restored, but proposals are accepted that link these "corners" with the rest of the route;

3/ Improve the connection between the historical places mentioned in the museum and the current urban fabric.

Along the way there are maps and models of the city, it would be interesting to develop systems that can increase the visitor's imaginative ability to see the current space and reinterpret it according to the ancient scenarios;

4/ Proposal for the use of the new "Spazio Presente" room.

The city museum is being expanded, works are underway for the opening of a space connected to the museum that does not represent an extension of the chronological path but instead as a multi-purpose space for conference room, teaching area, photographic archive, study room ... etc. We are looking for proposals to imagine the sections structure of this open space.

2019 edition

The team

Lanari Laura
Coordinatore Musei Civici di Ancona e Responsabile Serv. Educativi per Soc. Coop. Le Macchine Celibi
Paolo Clini
Distori Heritage
Andrea Mangialardo
Pietro Paolo Masoni
Collage Creativi
Adele Iasimone
Social media manager
Fabiola Cogliandro
Soc. Coop. Le Macchine Celibi
Sara Agostinelli
Soc. Coop. Le Macchine Celibi