The call for applicants to participate in MuseomixUK is open until July 15th HERE

What’s Muséomix?

Over three consecutive days, participants co-create and test new ways to mediate exhibitions.We bring museum professionals, innovators and digital experts together with art lovers, science enthusiasts, and others passionate about education and culture. This community mixes and develops ideas in pursuit of a new model for museums that is less restrictive and cloistered. Museomix envisions a museum that is: 

  • more open, where anyone can find something for themselves,
  • a networked actor among multiple communities,
  • a living laboratory that evolves with its users and visitors.


While Museomix is based in a Museum, it is more than an museum experience.  We bring together designers, makers, builders, coders, hackers, dreamers, and more – different communities that normally do not work together. 
Is this something you might be interested in getting involve with?  We are looking for any and all help and people who want to get involved with building MuseomixUK!

Do I get paid?  

No one gets paid (other than Project Coordinator but trust me, I’ll get less then 2p an hour when this is all done).  This is about sharing. 

Why should I get involved?

If you’re a business, you might want to use this as a way to test a prototype you might currently be working on, or to learn about different items you might not know about. If you’re a participant, you’ll work on a project from thought to prototype in 3 days – where else could that experience happen? 

Why share everything?

The ethos is based on Open data/ Wikipedia thinking. 

Who owns the Prototypes?

We bring together communities we know can make a difference.  In Ironbridge, we will have 10 teams building 10 prototypes.  If the museum wants to bring the prototype to product, they will work with the team, not with Museomix.  Additionally, last year, one of the teams became a start up from the learning that took place over the 3 days. 

How much does this cost? 

Participates pay £50 to help toward the cost of food (3 meals a day).  They also pay lodging and transport.  We provide everything else (we’re working with partners to help supply things needed such as tablets, tables, cables, etc).  We have organized to work with Manchester FabLab and the museum has plenty of space. 
If this is something you’d like to get involved with, please let us know.  The location for the only UK based (and only English speaking Museomix) is Ironbridge in Shropshire