I didn’t know what to expect when I volunteered to be on the social media team for MMUK2013. Reporting to the head of our team, Will, my friend Louie and I took turns with Will to tweet, Facebook and Instagram everything and anything we thought interesting, unusual, newsworthy.
There was never any shortage of topics to blog about from the fantastic projects the teams came up with to the seemingly endless amount of object the Fab Lab was able to make with a 3D printer, welding tools, woodcutter – you name it! And there was the Ironbridge Gorge Museums themselves with exhibitions charting the industrial revolution and technical innovation, not to mention the gorgeous scenery of the UNESCO area when the sun came out that one day.
The three 10+ hour days flew by as we tried our best to capture the process from the first idea pitches through the moment when the public was invited in to see what we had done. It was mad. It was inspiring. It was super fun!
Eric Huang
Social Media Team