Planet Museomix,

We are pleased to announce that in November 2014, six museums will cheerfully, energetically and passionately be remixed:

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, expanded, renovated and reinvented, the MMFA is more attractive than ever! This is one of the most popular museums in Canada, with painting, music, cinema, fashion, design … 4000 works in its universalist collection reconsidered and reinstalled in its four pavilions. It will also be the first bilingual location in Museomix history.
Museomix Montreal Contact: Justine G. Chapleau,

The Antique Museum of Arles is one of the most important archaeological museums in Europe, both in its objects and works from the Neolithic to late antiquity, all discovered in the region. It presents a joint bid with the Museon Arlaten and its 35,000 ethnographic objects of Provence: costumes, furniture, music, tools, paintings, photographs, models … to tell the lifestyles of the inhabitants of Provence.
Sudmix Contact: Françoise Lacotte,

The Derby Silk Museum is a museum actively renewing itself for the 21st century. Originally built to house machines for twisting silk thread, the Silk Mill tells the exciting story of the imposing machines used during England’s Industrial Revolution. Derby Silk works to revinvent its relationship with the community through projects like “Remake the Museum” and “The Happy Museum Project”, and will be opening its doors to museomix!
Museomix UK Contact: Mar Dixon,

The Natural History Museum of Nantes: the richness and diversity of its scientific heritage places it among the finest in France, in terms of specimens. Its collections cover all areas of natural history: zoology, earth sciences, botany, and anthropology …  If you’re afraid of creepy-crawlies, now is the time to conquer your fears by remixing the bird mezzanine, the vivarium , the xylotheque, and the exhibition ” Parce Queue”.
Museomix Ouest Contact: Adrien le Beller,

The Natural History Museum of Lille has been open for over 150 years. Skeletons of sperm whales and other marine mammals float above the visitor, while on the groun dioramas illustrate the lives of animals in our forests, swamps, coasts and countryside. The collections reflect the diversity of the living world and raise awareness of the fragile ecological balance. The early life of man, and his 400 million years history, is also illustrated, with sound. The Lille Museum also opens its storage rooms during the event.
Museomix Nord Contact: Camille Françoise,

The Museum of Art and History of Geneva is 100 years old! While it is one of the three largest museums in Switzerland, it’s in need of renovated and expanded, both of which will take place 2016. Until them, all sorts of experiments are possible and Museomix will be one of them: 650 000 works and objects in the field of archeology, applied art, watches, rare books and fine arts, will be available to the museomixers.
Museomix Léman Contact: Leila Bouanani ( and David Schenker (

The Museomix 2014 adventure is underway! Looking forward to the call for participants that will be relayed by each community on June 9!

Museomix 2014 calendar

  • 16 May: organizational meeting for Museomix 2014
  • 9-30 June: call for participants
  • November 7-8-9-10-11: Museomix

Some actions of MSX Orga:

  • Organization of the16 May meeting with the community referents in Paris
  • Updating communication tools, whose website (in progress)
  • Fundraising , developing partnerships and sponsorships
  • Presentation and representation of Museomix with public institutions and private partners
  • Supporting the development of emerging communities
  • Development of the Museomixers / Museums convention
  • Coordonnation of thematic working groups and inter-community :
    • Sponsorship
    • Public relations
    • 2013 and 2014 evaluation
  • Signing in Museomix 2015 European program.
  • Recencement of the needs of communication tools shareable and usable by everyone , calendar, graphic … ( 2014 visual soon delivered by Mathias of Graphéine… )
  • Management and administrative monitoring of the MSX Association
  • Monitoring and dissemination of internal / external information

For more information, Museomix also participates in the event “Silicon Valois” ( Ministry of Culture) as part of a workshop co-working (date to be determined soon).

“Hello Museomix”: those involved in the organization of MSX in 2014 who have volunteered to answer questions to the candidates, please add your information on this document.

Many other actions are underway: please have a look at our global Trello for more info (and update it if you already haven’t!).

At your disposal for further information.

Sincerely yours,