Hello everyone!
Derby Meetup
I’m currently working with Derby to have a Meetup for our Community.  I’ll let you know as soon as we can work out a date.  It’ll be for a weekend as this was requested.
London Meetup 
June 10 – London at Porterhouse Covent Garden 6pm.  Please let us know if you can attend. [Eventbrite]
Call for Action
Now that we’re gearing up for MuseomixUK 2014 at the lovely Derby Silk Mill and have a fantastic Community from Shropshire MMUK, we’d really like to get you guys involved as much or as little as you wish. The best way for us to do this is to share what we need and hope that you sign up for what you feel is best for you.
  • Coach/Faciltator
  • Outreach – help with where to send out call for help, sponsors, partners, funding
  • Admin – Anyone that can help organize the Google Drive or keep eye on emails
  • Community Manager (would be best if you know French)
  • Web Team Coordinator – Working with Catherine Jones. Please note, Catherine will not be at MMUK so we really need someone to work with Catherine.
  • Social Media Coordinator – Working with Will Stanley & Eric Huang
  • Designer – help with poster, logo/brand, layouts, etc
  • Fab Lab – Working with 3D Developer (Al Dean)
  • Tech Shop – Working with Mixed Reality
  • Logistics – working with local community for transports/hotels
  • Press – deal with writing pieces for press/magazine
Can you help with any of these spots? [Share spreadsheet to fill in]. Please please please don’t be shy. Fill in a spot on this document with whatever talent/skill you have and we’ll make a few suggestions if you’re not sure.  Everyone has a skill or talent they can share to help us make MMUK 2014 another fabulous experience!  
Also, please feel free to add your name to this list Global is compiling of people who can help new people.
Derby Team
I’ll like to introduce you to our Derby team
  • Museum Project Coordinator – Andrea Mercer
  • Museum Tech support – Steve Smith
  • Museum PR – Emma Hallam
  • Museum Social Media – Emma Hallam
  • Museum Director – Hannah Fox
  • Museum Site Manager – Kim Miller
  • Museum Web person – Emma Hallam
I’m really excited about our partnership this year!
Promoting Our Community
Lastly, Anna Mikhaylova (from Iron Insight team) and I will be running a Museomix Workshop in St Petersburg at the State Historical Museum of Religion on May 19th. We’ll of course discuss the brilliant work from Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, along with our plans for Derby Silk Mill. But most importantly we will tell them about our brilliant community!If anyone wishes to send any personal notes for us to share, please let me know. Anna and I will try our best to live-tweet and share.

Thank you!
Mar Dixon
Project Coordinator, MuseomixUK