Dear museomixers,

We have the great pleasure to announce that this year’s Museomix will be more international than ever ! In november 2015, 11 museums will be cheerfully remixed in 5 countries by more than 1000 participants that will speak 5 different languages !

In May, we already confirmed the candidacy of 6 museums. Today, five new museums are added to this long list.

The museums remixed in 2015 will be:

In France :

The City of Sciences and Industry of Paris: The great Museomix adventure began in Paris in 2011 at the Arts Décoratifs Museum. For its 2015 edition, the Ile de France community offers a new challenge: to invest a place dedicated to scientific culture, The City of Sciences and Industry. For the first time a space dedicated to young audiences, the Children’s City, will be remixed and the library, which is being transformed into a “Living Center”, will be one of the playgrounds opened to the museomixers.

Referent of Museomix IDF : Pierre Saulay,

Dates : 6, 7, 8 nov

La Manufacture of Roubaix : La Manufacture is a museum dedicated to memory and textile design. In a typical industrial setting, the sound of machines immerses the visitor in the world of textile factories. La Manufacture features a collection of still operating looms, from the handlooms of the Middle Ages to present-day computerized machines. La Manufacture is also a place dedicated to creation: a program of temporary exhibitions offers an artistic look at contemporary textile design, and textile workshops are set up throughout the year to promote the transmission of know-how.

Referent of Museomix Nord : Nina Debail,

Dates : 6, 7, 8 nov

In Belgium :

In Canada :

The Contemporary Art Museum of Montréal : This XXI century institution is located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles, a unique cultural complex in Canada, where the performing and visual arts rub shoulders . First Canadian institution dedicated exclusively to contemporary art, the museum has nearly 7,600 works in its permanent collection and presents multimedia performances, contemporary music, video and cinema.

Referent of Museomix Montreal : Justine Chapleau,

Dates: 6, 7, 8 nov

In Mexico :

The Palace of Fine Arts Museum of Mexico : Seven major Mexican artists created 17 mural works between 1928 and 1963 that today are part of the permanent collection of this museum. They reveal a huge range in styles, themes and ideology within the distinctive features of the Muralist movement. As museums are an interesting mix of memory, history and identity, but at the same time offering the possibility of inventing the present, Museomix is an opportunity to reevaluate Muralism, a vanguard movement that positioned Mexico in the global arts scene during the twentieth century. It will be the first Museomix to be held in Spanish !

Referent of Museomix Mexico : Paula Gonzalez :

Dates : 6, 7, 8 nov

In Switzerland :

The Museum of Communication in Berne: The Museum of Communication is a place for reflection on the past, present and future of communication with collections on postal services, transport, tourism and philately, telecommunications and computers, radio and television. The relationship between communication and culture is at the center of its activities. The museumfocuses primarily on new developments, particularly in the field of information and communication technology and new media. This will be the first german speaking Museomix !

Referent of Museomix CH : Elsa Lacroix

Dates : 6, 7, 8 nov

To participate in one of these editions, do not miss the two calls for applications:

  • from June 15th to 30th
  • from September 14th to 30th

We are waiting for you !