A late-June friday afternoon in Palazzo Pepoli – Museum of the History of Bologna, organized by Museomix Italia to promote dialogue on cultural innovation and participation.

Museomix is an international community built by a number of institutions across the planet. This is why 2-3 times a year all the communities attend an INTERCOMMUNITY MEETING to discuss the hottest topics and get a chance to swap experiences, opinions, and ideas on museum participation. After Lyon, Bruxelles, and Lille, the next event will take place in Italy, where no Museomix is planned for 2018 but work is still ongoing to improve the format and expand it to an ever-growing network of museums and their specialists. The event, hosted in Bologna, will consist of two days for insiders only, preceded by an afternoon meeting, open to the public, for dialogue and debate. Both events will feature guests from all over Italy and other countries.

Between June 30th and July 1st, Museomix Italia, with the support of BAM! Strategie Culturali, will host for the first time an INTERCO, turning Bologna into the headquarters of Museomixers for two days. But we will not just let people peek – no way! We want them to become protagonists.

This is why you are all invited to the “Special Opening” afternoon meetup on June 29th, from 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM, in via Castiglione, 8, in an exceptional venue – Palazzo Pepoli, location of the Museo della Storia di Bologna (Museum of the History of Bologna), where we will be hosted by Genus Bononiae.

It will be an afternoon for brainstorming and for swapping experiences and ideas among institutions, community activators, and cultural workers, following a number of threads:

  • open innovation in relation to museums and IT
  • practices in cultural participation

We will try to find answers to these as well as other current questions: why open up? Is Italy ready for open innovation in the museum sector? How do we deal with interdisciplinarity? How about museum professionality?

Here is a selection of the institutions invited for contributions, ideas, and personal experiences:

Barberini Corsini Gallerie Nazionali, Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia, CSAC – Study Centre and Communication Archive in Parma, 3logic from Pisa, Erasme – laboratoire d’innovation ouverte de la Métropole de Lyon, Promemoria from Torino, Sirdar Électrique from Lyon, PACKED vzw – Centre of Expertise in Digital Heritage in Bruxelles, Museo Madre in Naples, Museo Tolomeo in Bologna, CAOS Centro Arti Opificio Siri in Terni, the City Museum of Natural History in Ferrara, and Rock – Cultural Heritage leading urban futures.

Free entry, of course, but the places are limited.

Do you want to take part? Please click here!