Frequent Questions

Your chances of being selected depends on how many people with a similar profile have applied, and on a list of criteria that helps ensure the right “creative mix”.

It is important for us to have a wide range of profiles, ages, views and skills. Each local Museomix organisation will have to find the right balance between veterans and newbies, locals and foreigners, students and professionals.

We will chose at least:

  • 25% of participants in Museomix 2011 and 2012, to keep the spirit of the first events alive and to enrich the experience, and at least 25% first-timers.
  • 25% locals as Museomix is about building communities who meet and exchange resources and tips throughout year, who are willing to build and anchor Museomix in their region, to talk it up and to create other experiences in other museums. Museomix builds networks and gets built by networks! And 25% of non-locals will be selected to foster a broader experience.
  • 25% students, whatever the school. Reaching out to students, and allowing them to meet professionals around a common project over a weekend is a good thing!
  • 25% “museum professionals”, which includes people working in, for or with museums, because they are the most involved in, impacted and concerned by Museomix, and because Museomix wouldn’t be Museomix without them.

What you need to understand before you apply is that we’re looking for competences and skills rather than job titles. Choose what you really want to do, and what you think you can do – that’s the main drive. No need for diplomas, just you, yourself, your know-how, can-do and, more than anything, your passion!

[section titre=”Maximum number of teams per location”]
For your information:

  • The Château des Ducs de Bretagne in Nantes will host 8 teams
  • The Louvre-Lens will host 8 teams
  • The Musée Dauphinois in Grenoble will host 8 teams
  • The Ironbridge Gorge Museum in Shropshire will host 10 teams
  • The Musée de la Civilisation in Québec will host 10 teams
  • The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris will host 10 teams

[section titre=”Can’t travel to a Museomix? “]

You’ll still be able to participate online. Find a project and a team during the event and help them with both research (documentation, advice, polls, etc.) and the creation of the prototype (graphics, code, writing, etc.)!

Online participation doesn’t require any application. Teams will ask online Museomixers for help during the event. Online participants will be integrated in the team and their name credited on the prototype according to their actual contribution. More about online participation will follow in September.

[section titre=”What about people who weren’t selected, or who missed the application?”]

It’s the end of August and you missed the application? A second call will take place in September if some places are still available.

You can also get involved in Museomix without being in a team. You can volunteer to help the organising teams prepare the event, or be part of one of the support teams (technical, logistical, web, facilitation…) during the four days of Museomix.
You can write to for more information and to communicate your interest.