Terms of Application

[section titre=”Requirements”]

  • You believe in the main missions and principles of the Museomix community.
  • You are coming because you want to, because you want to transform museums and to be an agent of change.
  • Above all, you want to contribute with enthusiasm, and turn these three days into an exceptional moment of joy, creativity, generosity and shared invention.
  • You understand that Museomix is a community of practice, with a bias for action in seeking solutions, and that Museomix is the result of the collective contribution of all participants.
  • You know that it won’t be easy, that the nights will be short, that your brain may be beat and your never frayed…
  • You understand why it is important to use open and free licenses to spread and reuse the prototypes as widely as possible.

[section titre=”Participation fees”]
A participation of £50 (all taxes excluded – 50 € for France and $75 Canadian for Quebec) in operating costs will be requested of participants when they finalize their registration. The amount collected will finance part of the meals over the three days of the event (catering represented 12 % of expenses in 2012).
The participation fee is a way for you to contribute to the independence of the Museomix community.

For employees of local institutions or governments, the participation fee is 100 euros (all taxes excluded – 150 Canadian dollars for Museomix Quebec) and can be reimbursed by your employer as meal or project expenses.

For three days, all your meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – will be provided by Museomix.