The first Museomix took place in 2011 at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, on the initiative of its inventors: Stéphanie Bacquère, Samuel Bausson, Julien Dorra, Diane Dubray, Yves-Armel Martin, Christophe Monnet and Marie-Noéline Viguier.

The challenge was to invite the public to appropriate a museum to reinvent its mediation, get to know the teams and work in good understanding with other trades.

Since then, the phenomenon Museomix has grown: it touches more than 1000 participants each year in several countries of the world.

Museomix is today a registered trademark to guarantee its format and its spirit.


Museomix is an inclusive network built through active members, peer-to-peer, word of mouth. The original vision that carries Museomix:

Be open

A museum where everyone has a place


A laboratory-museum that evolves with its users


A museum part of a network with the community


Before all, Museomix is an event!

It is a 3-day event where multidisciplinary teams design a functional mediation device as a prototype. It is hold at a common date, around novembre 11 on from friday to sunday

The shape of Museomix is close to that of a hackathon, these creative marathons during which prototype or concept are produced. However, in Museomix there is no competition: no team wins in the end, each team welcomes the visitors to make them live the mediation it has implemented.

Historically, Museomix takes place around November 11 (holiday in France) for a three-day weekend. Common specific dates are announced each year.


In Museomix, a team gathers around an idea to make a prototype the first day of the event. It is a concrete and functional device that the public experiment on the third day of the mix.

The prototype is not a finished project, even if it works. It is the fruit of three days of reflection together with its share of constraints, consensus and findings.

Making prototypes is not the goal of Museomix itself; on the other hand, it is a challenge that encourages a team to work together.

How organizing a Museomix event?

The organization of a Museomix is part of a local and collective dynamic. We do not organize a Museomix alone: it’s a community that gets involved and co-organize with a museum.

To build your community, you have to meet the interested people, organize events like apéromix where we present the concept, solicit technical partners, institutional, etc.



The museum is a stakeholder in the organization. It is essential to mobilize your team and involve them in setting up the event.



The remixed museums are not chosen by a commission: it is the local community that makes its choice and announces it to everyone. A museum is chosen based on its ability to host the event, its commitment, its availability.



Thanks to Community, our discussion forum, each community is connected with other communities around the world to coordinate event dates, communication, etc.

All Museomix editions since 2011


Each edition of Museomix is evaluated by university teams: participants, public, organizers …

Everyone is avaluated, but it’s for a good cause!

We know today that a Museomix multiplies by 5 the number of visitors during the opening weekend.