Edition 2019 – En

  What is Museomix ?  A creative 3-days international marathon !

Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, France, Ecuador and this year Museomix is also running in Asia for the first time ever ! This year, these are 4 continents, 7 countries, 14 places remixed by 11 communities !


Museomix is an event co-organized by local communities and museums, they will be at work from Friday, November 8 to Sunday, November 11, 2019. The teams of participants aim to revisit the exhibition spaces of museums for interactive experiences , friendly and innovative.


The visit of the prototypes is free in every museum on Sunday from 16h.


 >> This year the edition opens on November 7th with a special Students & Kids edition at Museomix Azur !



Focus on... the social wall by Aestetype Design


It is an essential tool to federate and stimulate exchanges between communities and participants !




Museums & Communities

What happened during Museomix 2019 ? 

A video preview of each day, in each community 🙂

Day 1 / Discover, imagine, create 

Discover the collections, brainstorm, build the teams and start developing the prototypes! it’s an intense day that often ends late at night !

Day 2 / Prototype !

The second day is entirely dedicated to the creation of the prototypes. Teams are on deck all day to code, saw, nail, photograph, film, sand, cut, scan, print, and do things that you can not even imagine !

Day 3 / Share !

This is the most important day, when the teams will present their prototypes to the public! after the rush of the morning to finish and install the prototypes place to the public !

Exchanges, sharing, laughter, discovery, it is the most awaited moment and the public answers more and more numerous every year !