Museomix is an yearly event that brings together, in museums, teams of designers, makers, coders, content experts and communicators to create digital prototypes of mediation.

In 2013, over 50 prototypes will be realized and installed in 6 museums to temporarily refresh the vistor experience.

During the event no prototypes are translated, so the projects listed on this page are currently a mix of French and English. Translations will be updated over the course of the coming week.

If anyone would like to volunteer to assist in translation, please email or tweet using #museomix and #translation.

[section titre=”Grenoble – Rhône Alpes”]
[protos lieu=2298]

[section titre=”Lens”]
[protos lieu=2301]

[section titre=”Nantes”]
[protos lieu=2311]

[section titre=”Paris”]
[protos lieu=2300]

[section titre=”Québec”]
[protos lieu=2317]

[section titre=”Shropshire”]
[protos lieu=2297]

[section titre=”2012″]

In the meantime, have a look at the prototypes from Museomix 2012 at the Musée Gallo-Romain de Fourvière in Lyon…
La visite dont vous êtes le héros

Arrete ton char Ben Hur !

Mare nostrum


Troa Deus

Fenêtre sur le passé



Bruits de quartier